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JAG Grills Gift Card

Regular price $125.00 WE OFFER EASY FINANCING!

Everyone is looking for a unique gift idea. A JAG Grill gift card checks off all the boxes. 

It's the best of all worlds:

  • It is a truly unique and innovative product that stands apart from any other grilling product.
  • And it is truly the "gift that keeps on giving". 

When you give a gift card for a JAG Grill firepit grill, you are giving...

  • Memories that last a lifetime,
  • A backyard lifestyle social setting like nothing else,
  • And...your giftee gets the pride of having everyone (yes EVERYONE) as them "Where did you get that?!?!" 

And remember, you can get a JAG Grill table gift card for any amount. You don't need to buy one for the full table price if you don't want to. 

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The JAG Grill is a one of a kind experience when you bring the idea of delicious backyard grilling with family and friends. 


When your JAG Grill isn't being used to grill your favorite dish, you can still enjoy it by  sitting around a table made from fine New Zealand Pine Wood.


If a BBQ Grill and table is not enough to make you fall in love with the JAG, how about roasting marshmallows on a cold winter day using the JAG Fire Pit.